European Paper Wasps on their nest
I took this picture of the paper wasps while golfing. They had decided to make their home on the underside of the railing around the mid-course restroom. Grubs are clearly visible in some of the cells of the nest.

Hi Nadjia,
Thanks for sending in your photo.

Hi there, I am a paper wasp researcher, currently working on introduced populations of Polistes dominulus across the US, and I found your site while doing a web search. On your site you have a couple of photos of this species. These are also P. dominulus, not yellow jackets. The first indication is the single, open-combed nest (yellowjackets enclose their multiple combs in a paper envelope), but also notice the brown antennae and slender bodies. I hope you don’t mind my unsolicited comments! The photos on your site are a great resource, and I thank you.
Aviva Liebert

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  1. kristie says:

    i was bit by a red wasp yesterday, however, today i am feeling very sick. the site is swollen and hot and painful. along with nausea, vomitin, dizziness when standing, low temp, feel lke ihve been ran over. how can such a small thing cause all this?

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