What seem to be larvae
Thought these were neat looking and wondered if you knew what they might be. Seen a few of them around our doorstep

Hi Jenna,
This is the larva of a type of Ladybird Beetle known as the Mealybug Destroyer, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri. According to BugGuide, it was “Imported to the US from Australia in 1891 to control citrus mealybugs in California. Widely used for control of citrus and long-tailed mealybugs, soft scales and related pests. Will not survive cold winters, so it is mostly used in greenhouses or mild-winter areas, or has to be introduced annually.”

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2 Responses to Mealybug Destroyer Larva

  1. KChurch86 says:

    I had never seen one of these until the other day at work, I was sitting outside on break and noticed little white specks falling from the trees. The specks were these guys, hundreds of them! Now that I know more about them, I wonder how much time the trees have left to live…

  2. Miles says:

    I can now say this is definitely in about 6 of my native florida grass plants along south side of my house. Probably around 4 weeks ago, I noticed that these plants developed pure white fuzziness and thought is was some sort of fungus. Now today I notice these pure white furry mealybug destroyer larva walking up and down the grass. Along with these are several lady bug looking bugs that have red head that abrubtly turns into black… Are the mealybugs harmful? Have they overtaken and cause the florida grass to become infected with something? Really odd… Thanks

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