Is this a good bug or bad bug?
Dear Bugman,
We have Praying Mantis’ in our yard here in Rocklin (Sacramento) CA. Shortly after seeing they are getting ready for the winter we see this Cocoon or Crysalis (which is it?). Are these the eggs for the good bug, Praying Mantis, or do I need to get rid of these if they’re a bad bug? Or, thirdly, are these good eggs for some other bug? Thanks for the insight and help as we decide to keep or eliminate this addition to the house this winter!
Larry in Rocklin CA.

Hi Larry,
We love your mating Mantis photo. The result of the coupling is the subject of your second photo, a Preying Mantis Egg Case. The female spews out a frothy substance with her eggs that hardens to protect them from inclement weather. Come spring, you will have 100’s of baby Mantids emerging to rid your garden of unwanted, and occasionally beneficial, insects.

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  1. ismart says:

    Mating pair of Stagmomantis limbata.

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