Mexican Amblypygi
I believe this to be an arachnid Amblypygi but have not been able to find one on the web that is this large or colourful. It was discovered in a kitchen sink on Mexico’s Pacific coast just north of Manzanillo. Contrary to what I’ve read on the web, our Mexican friends attributed paralyzing bites to this insect. Can you give me a bit more information? Also, in trying to identify this insect I’ve noticed whip-scorpion and whip-spider being used – are they they same insect.

Hi Ralph,
We have never seen a Tailless Whipscorpion quite like your beauty. When we were in Mexico for a solar eclipse, the locals warned us to stay indoors during totality since scorpions would fall from the sky. There are many unfounded superstitions about many creatures. We have only ever heard that Tailless Whipscorpions possess no venom, hence are harmless. Thank you for the wonderful image. Our Audubon Guide says there are 60 species worldwide and three in North America. Mexico has so many insects, spiders and related Arthropods that this could well be an undescribed species.

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