Any idea about this spider like creature
Hello again,
My name is Susan and I recently sent you a message about a garden orb spider. Thank you again, for your research. The attached photos were taken in Long Beach, CA at a horse barn. I accidentally found him under a patch of hay that had been tossed out of a stall. I went to pick up the hay, and this thing touched my finger and very much surprised me. After we kind of mushed it, I decided to take the attached photos in hopes that you might be able to help me determine what it is. I’m only guessing that it might be of the crab spider family.
Hope to hear from you,
Torrance, CA

Hi Susan,
We haven’t had a posting on the Unnecessary Carnage page of our site in a month. Your Mashed Potato Bug is also called a Jerusalem Cricket. We get 100’s of letters per year with requests for their identification. They are harmless, but people fear them and are grossed out by their appearance. We at What’s That Bug? are much more grossed out by the gore.

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