I live in SW Michigan and I know I’ve seen bugs like this before, just never as big. This one landed on my head while raking leaves last weekend. The photo is of the bug on the handle of my pruning shears. It moved quite fast on those long legs, once I put him on my garden bricks. Because of his leafy appendages, I was afraid I would step on him for sure. But I didn’t. Thanks for any ID help you can provide.

Hi Cheryl,
This is a True Katydid, Pterophylla camellifolia. Eric Eaton has this to add: “I’m probably too picky, but the true katydid posted 11/09 is actually a MALE. Males of some katydids have elaborate subgenital plates that resemble a female’s ovipositor, so it is really easy to make that mistake. The stridulatory area on the front wings (the brown triangle at the top of the insect in the nice photo) confirms that it is a male. Females do not have modifications of the front wings. Just keepin’ you on your toes. Eric”

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