Red Grasshopper
What’s That Bug,
I saw a photo on your site of a red Carolina Locust from Florida. You mentioned that the coloring was due to the soil in that area. I photographed this red grasshopper on Assateague Island, Maryland. It was in the sand dunes and was quite obvious. I was wondering why this particular grasshopper would be red, it certainly doesn’t match the sand.
Thanks for your help,

Hi Matt,
We are having a problem getting a conclusive ID on this beauty. We will post the photo and hopefully, some entomologist will come to our aid. Eric Eaton wrote in: “The red locust actually looks like a bird grasshopper in the genus Schistocerca. If it was really, really big, then that is most certainly what it was. “

Ed. Note:  August 23, 2011
We just identified a Mischievous Bird Grasshopper, and we suspect this is the same species based  on BugGuide where it is described as:  “Uniform reddish brown coloration above with no lighter bands, small size and pronotal ridge help distinguish this from other members of the genus.” 

Location: Maryland

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