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I found a polyphemus moth
I found a polyphemus moth at a garden center in central Florida. It looked like it was dying and flopped around near where people were walking in and out. A guy that worked there put it in a cup for me to take home. he said it was dying. He said I should take it. I brought it home, but it was still alive. At first I put a mesh colander over it so it wouldn’t fly around the house…then I put it outside with a stem of a flowering tarragon herb. It like the flower, but I read on the internet the adults do not eat. I wonder if they die after they lay eggs? Is it going to die? should I let it go? what does it want to do? why am I so compelled to keep it? how can I tell if it’s a male or female? what should I do to preserve it, if it dies? It is not acting like it’s going to live much longer. Is it lunch for a bird or dinner for a bat? thanks for the info.

Hi Marlae,
My, so many questions. They die after laying eggs. It will soon die. rarely live more than a few days. Letting it go is your call. It wants to mate and lay eggs, period. It will not live much longer. Birds love them. So do many other predators Looks like a female. Males have bushier antennae.

Thank you so much. Nature is so wonderful, but creatures should come with name tags.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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