Are these rain beetles
I was cleaning my pool this morning just before preparing to close it for the winter and out of nowhere, I found a bunch of these guys floating around. AT first I thought that they were bark beetles as the pool was directly under a large Ponderosa Pine but upon a bit of internet sleuthing, and since it rained for the first time yesterday, I think perhaps these are rain beetles. Is that correct? If so,are they a benign insect or do these do damage to the tree roots? Should I be concerned about them. Please advise……….

Hi Stuart,
What a nice collection of Rain Beetles, Pleocoma species, you have amassed. Though they feed on tree roots, they are never plentiful enough to do any damage.

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  1. Gene St. Denis says:

    Daniel and Stuart , after reviewing the provided images I believe that you have some wonderful male Pleocoma staff Beetles ! The larvae will eat Pine , Oak, Ceanothus Buck Brush , Deer Brush , Etc. , what ever is the Prevalent Food Source and Long Lasting / Lived in that Exact Area Environment . Cheers ! Gene St. Denis Sierra Nevada Research

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