Plume Moth

Can you identify this interesting bug? I noticed it sitting on the wall of my old house in CT. I thought it was very interesting looking, so I grabbed my camera. I never had someone ID it. Any ideas? With our luck in that house, that was probably eating the wall in this photo. Thanks … Read more

White Tipped Black Geometrid

Can you tell me who this is? Saw this guy on a very windy mid-morning, November, in North Central Florida, clinging to that piece of grass like his life depended on it. Tim Hi Tim, We first searched superficially, and today more thoroughly, to identify your beautiful moth which we believe to be an Arctiid … Read more

South African Bush Locust

Check out my new friend May friend in South Africa sent me this pic and was wondering what it was Thanks. Robert Hi Robert, This is the second South African Bush Locust photo we received this month. (12/08/2005) I believe the African Bush Locust pictures you have posted are the Koppie Foam Grasshopper (Dictyophorus spumans). … Read more

Lynx Spiderlings

Baby Lynx Spiders Hi guys, I saw the photo with the supposed baby Lynx Spiders. Here is a photo of some that were in the field at my lake house. Keep up the awesome work with the site. Adam Hartmann Jacksonville, FL Thanks Adam. Your photo shows the orange color of the Green Lynx Spider … Read more