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Flat Bark Beetle?
Hi Daniel,
My sons and I have found a few of these critters while finishing up the last minute gardening. I’ve looked for a match in the beetles section, as well as the true bugs section without much progress. It kind of looks like a flat bark beetle, but my specimen has more of a rounded body. Can you tell us what this bug is?
Thanks a lot!
Yvonne, Derek and Jason
Barrie ,

Hi again Yvonne, Derek and Jason,
This is one of the Leaf Beetles in the Family Chrysomelidae. Sorry we don’t know the species. We checked with Eric Eaton as well and he agrees with us and has seen this specimen pictured on BugGuide, but can’t recall the species. We did a cursory search of BugGuide and could not immediately locate it.

Ed. Note: (11/07/2005) This just in.
red leaf beetle
I love your site and visit it on a regular basis looking for the ID of different bugs I find and photograph. I noticed that you had a photo of a red leaf beetle sent in on 10/31/2005 from Yvonne, Derek and Jason from Barrie, Ontario. I am pretty sure it is the lily leaf beetle, Lilioceris lilii. This beetle was first found in Montreal, Canada in the mid 1900’s but has since spread and is known to be in Ontario. Thanks for all the work you must do to make What’s That Bug such a great and useful site. Beth Hoar
Prince Edward Island, Canada

Ed. Note:(11/07/2005) And Yvonne wrote back.
Lily Leaf Beetle
Hi again Daniel, I just looked up the Leaf Beetle you named for me from my recent picture. Would I be right in saying that it’s a Lily Leaf Beetle? I found a website with some pictures and information. http://www.uoguelph.ca/pdc/Factsheets/Insect/LilyLeafBeetle.htm Let me know what you think. Yvonne

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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