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A dragonfly story
Seeing your great site has made me want to share all my favorite bug pictures. My fiancé and I had a fun dragonfly experience this summer. We were swimming in Walden Pond when we came upon a large dragonfly floating submerged under the water. It was so beautiful I decided I wanted to take it home, so I took it out of the water and laid it in the sun on my backpack to dry. 45 minutes later when we came out of the water, I picked up the dragonfly, and it grabbed my fingers and clung on for dear life. Over the next half hour or so it revived more and more, and I left it clinging to a branch in a nearby tree. Two days later when we returned, I checked the area, and it was gone, so I like to think it revived completely and was able to go about its business – a childhood spent saving bugs from pools taught me that bugs can make the most amazing recoveries. That day, we again went swimming, and when we returned, we found another dragonfly sitting on our backpack. It refused to move even when we moved in close for photos. Finally, my fiancé moved his hand over it, and it lifted just long enough to avoid being brushed, and then realighted on his hand, where it stayed long enough for another good photo op. We like to imagine it was coming to thank us for the previous day’s rescue. And when the photos came back, we noticed for the first time that there were red hearts on its abdomen!

Hi Johanne,
What a wonderful story. We believe the Dragonfly with the hearts is an Elisa Skimmer, Celithemis elisa, and the other is one of the Darners.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
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