Me and a friend found this bug flying at us like a bullet. we were in some foot ball stands practicing for a band contest and it came at us.its missing a leg because of the scream of ohh my god don’t bite me then the 26′ drop to the ground. I now have it in a huge aquarium with a dead grasshopper he killed when we put it in there, and there’s a wasp at the top of the thing that the bug circles around. do you know what he eats because I would like to keep him as a pet. I live in Electra TX.
ps.his name is George

Add some water to George’s aquarium and he will really be happy. George is a Giant Water Bug, Lethocerus americanus, an aquatic predator that also flies quite well. George will suck the blood from anything, practically. In their natural habitat, shallow freshwater ponds and pools, Giant Water Bugs will feed on other insects and aquatic invertebrates as well as tadpoles, salamanders and small fish. He will eat feeder goldfish in captivity. Giant Water Bugs also go by the colorful common names of Electric Light Bugs since they are attracted to lights, probably the reason you found George in the stadium. An even more common name is Toe-Biter which needs no explanation. Any swimmer who has ever encountered a Toe-Biter while swimming in a pond will surely agree that the name is appropriate. The bite is very painful.

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