need help identifying two hawk moths
Hello Bugman:
I am an amateur entomologist. I’ve collected some hawkmoths out here in Glasgow, KY. Through your website I have been able to identify most of them. With respect to the first picture, in the left column, from top to bottom, is a waved sphinx, tersa sphinx, and pandorus sphinx. Next, in the middle column, the bottom moth is a virginia creeper sphinx, but I do not know what the top one is. Then in the right column I only know that the middle one is a pink-spotted hawkmoth and the bottom one is a laurel sphinx. If you could help me to identify the two that I am having trouble with, I would truly appreciate it. I want to make a display case with the names attached. Here are my _guesses_ with the two I am unable to identify. The top middle one is a small-eyed sphinx, but could it also be a huckelberry or blinded? The top right one is an elm sphinx, I think. But when I looked at the picture on the "Moths of Kentucky" website I wasn’t entirely sure. Please help me at your earliest convenience.
Thank you!
Justin Monts
Glasgow, KY

Hi Justin,
We frequently use Bill Oehlke’s site for identification. We agree with the Small Eyed Sphinx identification. It matches the image on the bizland site. We aren’t sure about the other one. We are not convinced it is an Elm Sphinx.

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