Is this a ladybug? If so what kind?
The children and I just went to Europe . . .we found this bug and thought it was a Switzerland – Italian lady bug since we found it just before the Italian border in Switzerland . . . Can you tell us what it is? Any links that we can find pictures of it?
Denyse Gates
Calgary, Alberta

Hi Denyse,
This is a True Bug, a Hemipteran. They are numphs, but sorry, we do not know the species.

This Just In!!! (10/20/2005)
Was browsing your wonderful site when I saw the post about the Swiss Hemipteran Nymphs (10/19/2005). Just to let you know these are Firebugs ( Pyrrhocoris apterus). A rare species here in the UK, but more common in continental Europe. Keep up the good work
Aaron Woods
London England

Eric Eaton’s additions: (10/20/2005)
“Ok, I found out what those red and black bugs are. The common name is “fire bug.” Scientifically, they are Pyrrhocoris apterus, referring to the abbreviated wings in the adult stage. Family is the cotton stainer family Pyrrhocoridae. Lots of info on the Internet about them. ”

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