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Albino Widow and Idunno
We live within 25 miles of Los Angeles. The “egg sacs” on the bottom of the lawn chair were found on the 4th of July. The closest one looks like it has legs, but I never saw anything move. We left it unprotected and I think the gardener destroyed them. I’ve shown the picture around without a hint. And this is the second time we’ve found one of these. Looks and acts a lot like a Black Widow, but the color…
Thanx for this website!

Hi Jared,
Here is what Eric Eaton has to say about your bachelor: “It IS a widow, probably an immature, or a male, or both. Widows are “born” white, with scattered darker markings. They darken as they age. Males of some species retain the pale color into adulthood (they reach adulthood much faster than females, and are less than half the size of females at maturity). The egg sacs shown with the widow are NOT Achaeranea tempidariorum, but not sure exactly what they are. Very strange, but distinctive and probably identifiable. Eric ”

Update:  May 25, 2014
We just approved a comment from Heather indicating that the Egg Sacs are Bolas Spider Egg Sacs.  We found images on the Natural History of Orange County website that confirms Heather’s identification and indicating that the species is 
Mastophora cornigera.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: California

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  1. Heather says:

    The speckled brown/white/black sacs on bottom of lawn chair below the pic of black widow male is from the bolas spider. It’s an amazing spider. Here is a video of how it catches prey. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nrm2rnDOZQI

    The one I found was under my palm frawn and looked like bird poo. When it walked it had crab-like legs.

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