a beautifully colored grub
Well, we found this is a heating duct at Flathead Lake, Montana. Can you identify this “grub”? Thanks

Hi Sam,
Beautiful Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar image. Your photo shows the Osmeterium. The Osmeterium is a Y-shaped gland located behind the head of some caterpillars which can be pushed out to emit a chemical disagreeable to potential predators. Your caterpillar will eventually metamorphose into a large beautiful black and yellow striped butterfly. The Tiger Swallowtail is the official state insect of Virginia and Georgia. The official butterfly of South Carolina and the state mascot and official butterfly of Alabama.

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  1. Karen Jacobsen says:

    Found a bright red tiger swallow butterfly caterpillar (thanks for the Id on your site) trucking down our newly paved bike path today. Kind of late for an emergent isn’t it? It could snow here any day!

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