House Centipede
Hey Bugman,
What a great site! Google led me to you, where I was able to identify this wicked little "fast scurrier", as my 8-year-old daughter put it when she found him in her room. Luckily she seems to be fascinated by him and is not worried that he scurried down the wall and onto her exact-same-color carpet and is living somewhere in her bedroom at this point. He’ll have lots of daddy-longlegs to eat around here and I hope he sticks around a bit. Never in my life have I seen anything like this, although I think these House Centipedes get the award for "most-photographed" on your site, so they’re obviously fairly common. We also have some pretty phenomenal pictures of preying mantids mating as well as the egg sacks hatching. I’ll send some pics on to you for your site when I can. Thanx!
Joy Greene, and Callie, too

Hi Joy and Callie,
Thanks for the nice letter and a new photo of a House Centipede for our homepage.

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