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found another interesting mantid
Caught this girl at work as well. Although not where I find the Brunner’s at. I’m not too sure on this one but I was thinking it may be a grizzled mantis. On Brunner’s mantis, I have collected 2 more specimens. One I caught last week and the 3rd today. I have let go all 3 here at the house in hopes of establishing a nice colony around here. We don’t use pesticides and there are plenty of insects for them to feed on. Anyway, enjoy these pics of the new mantis. Let me know what it might be. Thanks again,
Steven Koenig

Hi again Steven,
Thanks for the Brunner’s Mantis update. Be sure to let us know if the introduction works and you get a new generation next year. This is not a grizzled mantis, but a Carolina Mantid, Stagmomantis carolina. The wings do not extend to the tip of the abdomen, especially in the female, like your specimen. The Carolina Mantid is the state insect of South Carolina.

Green Carolina Mantid
(10/16/2005) here’s another mantis Stagmo too??
First, Thanks for the info on the Gray Stagmo. Didn’t know it was the state insect. Second, here are some pics of another mantis caught today at work. Is this one a Stagmo(except for this one’s green)too? They seem to be popping out of nowhere at my place of work. They must have gotten wind of a better place to stay, LOL. Thanks again.

Hi Steven,
You are correct. The Carolina Mantid has both a brown and green form. This is one of the female mantids that is known for devouring her mate during the sex act.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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