mating praying mantis
Hi there!
I appreciate your website! It’s been entertaining and informative! I’m enclosing two photos (taken in mid September in Southeastern PA) of praying mantis mating or about to… they maintained this pose for at least 45 minutes. I wanted to see if the female does indeed terminate the relationship by eating her mate but I had to go take care of the family (dinner time.) And so it goes… Any information you could add would be helpful.
Thanks very much – Kristin

Hi Kristin,
Much of what we are about to say is speculation on your photograph. First, the female mantis does not always eat her mate, but it often happens. A wily male will escape. You photo does show a pair with the male on top and this must have something to do with mating. We suspect he has captured her, but is not in the proper position to do the deed. He needs to turn himself around without losing either his mate or his life. Guess we will never know if he succeeded.

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