Praying Mantis
Dear Bugman:
Thank you for your answer. What’s praying mantis is this?. My son caught it on the tire of our car two weeks ago. Your Web-Page must win an Award because it is the Best Web-Page that I have ever seen to know more about insects, and every one of the Pictures are excellents. Congratulations !. Way to Go !.
Jorge Lopez Collado
College Station, Texas.

Thanks for the compliment Jorge,
We believe this might be a Grasslike Mantis in the Genus Thesprotia. We checked with Eric Eaton for confirmation and here is his answer: “Can’t really tell. Unless there is more than one species, though, Thesprotia graminis is only found from FL to MS, according to Jacques, which may be outdated. “

Ed. Note:  Thanks to a comment, we now know that this is a Brunner’s Stick Mantis.

Location: Texas

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  1. ismart says:

    That is a Brunneria borealis. They are no males of this species. The females are parthenogenetic.

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