Lucky shot of white lined sphinx
I recently got this digital image of the sphinx in our flower garden, which I think is a really good picture. Your site seems like the right place to share it with other people who appreciate this sore of thing. The light was just right, enough to use the viewfinder, but low enough so the high speed flash could stop the movement. Notice the clear detail of the eye, it is more like a bird eye than a bug eye. I’m guessing that this gives the moth the precision view that permits almost perfectly stationary hovering, equal to what a hummingbird can do. We have many hummingbirds here near Huntington, Indiana, and so are quite familiar with them. This creature must be relatively rare, since we very seldom see them. Hope the file is not too large, maybe I should have cropped it, but the whole flower image might be good enough to make a decorative print, so I sent it all. I have another image from a different angle if you would like to have it.
Allan Nostwick
Huntington, Indiana

Hi Allan,
Thank you for the excellent image. The detail is wonderful. The sphinx’s eyes are actually multifaceted compound eyes.

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