Leaf-litter denizens
Bugman, I am stumped by this one. Hopefully you can provide an ident. I collected several of these guys from leaf-litter samples using a Berlese funnel . Along with the usual smattering of mites and springtails. They range in size around 1mm in length. Three tagma, three pair legs, possible sucking mouthparts (hypostome). Magnification is 100X and 400X respectively. Thanks.

Hi George,
We really don’t know what this is but we will post it on our Louse page in the hopes that someone can identify it.

Update (02/27/2006)
Hello Lisa and Daniel,
I was looking at your “what’s that bug” website and think I have some answers for your pages: On your louse page, the leaf litter critter is a heteropteran (true bugs) in the family Enicocephalidae (gnat bugs or unique-headed bugs). They are thought to be the most primitive heteropteran family (with fully membranous wings in the winged forms).I hope this helps! Matt Bertone
Entomology Graduate Student
Insect Molecular Systematics
North Carolina State University
Department of Entomology

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  1. thecochenille says:

    I saw this picture and think it is an Aenictopecheidae, which is a family of the Enicocephalomorpha.

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