Rosy Maple Moth – Dryocampa Rubicunda
Dear Bug Man,
Now that my friends are aware of how much I have my camera with me to capture unique things, my friend Robin send me this tonight. I can’t find her in your moth section. What a gorgeous sherbert color moth. Robin and I think it is a Rosy Maple Moth? She took this picture at her home in Bella Vista, Arkansas in Spring 2005 in her carport. Love the site! Amazing how many things I can identify now!
Steph Hart

Hi Steph,
This is indeed a Rosy Maple Moth and we do have photos. As a page gets too large, we either add a new page or split the pages. The Rosy Maple Moth photos can be found on our Saturnid Moth or Giant Silkworm Moth page. Sorry about the confusion. We do have a search engine to help alleviate any confusion caused by our site becoming such a behemoth.

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