Wheel Bug

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU I stepped out onto the front porch this afternoon and spotted something I had never seen before. After doing a search on google.com your site was at the top of the list. Sure enough I found the bug that had made a visit to my home. It was the … Read more

Lily Leaf Beetle

Flat Bark Beetle? Hi Daniel, My sons and I have found a few of these critters while finishing up the last minute gardening. I’ve looked for a match in the beetles section, as well as the true bugs section without much progress. It kind of looks like a flat bark beetle, but my specimen has … Read more

Sphinx Pupa

wow We, the kids and I (mom) are looking to identify a pupae we found under ground. It seems that is not possible, so many look the same at that stage. Anyway, we found your site and it is going on the top of my bookmarks now and forever and ever. Beautiful job you’re doing. … Read more

Golden Orb Weaver

okay, just one more thing We found this garden spider bloated with eggs this summer and thought you may be able to use the photo. Not too clear, but the size is so impressive. Here’s one that is more clear, but doesn’t show her mass so well. Very pretty though. I like how the shadow … Read more

White Spotted Sable

moth Found this little guy on my garage door last spring or summer. He stayed in one spot for several days. I wrote to a couple of Michigan Universities in the proper departments but they will not answer my emails. Can you identify this little guy? He was only about 5/8 inch long. I live … Read more