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What is this bug?
Good Day,
Love the site… great fun for a fly tier like
myself! A friend from Singapore found many of the following insect on a resevoir there and wondered what is was… any ideas? Thanks!

Hi Christopher,
This is some type of Homopteran, we believe. We are still checking though. Eric Eaton came to the rescue: ” Wondering now if the Homopteran from Singapore might actually be some kind of mayfly. Looks like it might have had two tails that broke off, and at least some mayflies have only one pair of wings, which this insect seems to have. Lastly, the fact that it was found by a fly fisherman floating in a reservoir just about seals the deal”

Update: (11/02/2007)
Hi guys… Hi there,
LOL, this is indeed a mayfly and not a Homopteran. This species has very short tail (not broken) but similar species up north (Malaysia and Thailand) do have longish tails. I have read elsewhere that identification is in order. This species burrow and feed on drift wood , the aquatic nymphs are favourite food for many types of fishes found in the reservoirs. I have seen the females ascending from sky in the morning and land on the water, and start fluttering (more like vibrating and sending ripples) its wing and dragging the egg sack attach via a strong silk like stuff to the end of the tail. It will keep fluttering until it attaches the egg sack to any structure dotting the shorelines and die there. The egg sag will absorb water and within days grow bulkier and look very much like frog eggs! Once the nymphs leave the clear jelly sack they start to look for drift wood to burrow and feed. Singapore is an seasonal country so this species lay eggs almost every morning with no particular peak season. I have been trying to find literature on this species to no avail for the last 2 decades. Save the short tail, they have very Mayfly like body anatomy (side fins along abs), which I therefore told my friends as much. That’s the story 🙂 Strangely I have yet to see the hatching and mating, only the spent stage as mentioned above. Where do you think I should look for the actions? I never see any shack so far! What a mystery Mayfly…. Regards,
Yu Hock

Hi Yu Hock,
Thanks for all the valuable information on this unusual Mayfly. Sadly, we are unable to provide you with any additional information.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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