big white and grey moth in central texas
hi there!
this huge moth wandered into our kitchen this weekend, so we moved it back outside (using our shopping list) where it was very patient and posed for pictures. we thought, from looking at your site, that it might be Polygrammate hebraeicum (the Hebrew) or maybe Ecpantheria deflorata, but in each case when we looked at the pictures close up, the markings were all wrong. any idea who came to visit us?
jeff & rebecca & rhys

Hi Jeff, Rebecca, and Rhys,
This is a Giant Leopard Moth, Ecpantheria scribonia, which we located on BugGuide. This moth has some variation in its markings. Here is a Texas Site with more information. It seems several sites are using the scientific name Hypercompe scribonia.

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  1. 1stproject16 says:

    I found a large, black wooly worm-like caterpillar on my driveway a couple of weeks ago.
    I fed it, and it pupated for me in a glass jar. The moth just emerged, it is a giant leopard moth, just like the picture! So beautiful!

    Josiah from PA

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