What’s this bug called?
This huge bug literally fell from the sky, bounced off my car and landed at my feet. I never saw it fly so I am guessing it was dropped by a bird – lunch lost! It is a bit longer than 2" and was trying to quickly scurry away. I took a few pics when it calmed down after a few minutes. I was in the village of Madoc, Ontario, Canada in early September when I took the pictures. Could you please tell me what this monster may be?
Best regards,
Jeff Scott

Hi Jeff,
This is a Giant Water Bug also known as a Toe-Biter. They are the largest True Bugs in North America and can deliver a painful bite. They can fly as well as they can swim to to their aerodynamic build, and it probably did just attempt a sloppy landing as they are very clumsy on dry land.

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