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Hello Bugman,
I have to convey to you how much I absolutely love your website! It is pretty much the coolest site EVER! I happened upon your website when trying to identify a very odd looking bug that my husband brought home for me from the grocery store parking lot the other day. He does that occassionally because I have a serious fascination with insects which people seem to think is strange but I just LOVE them!! Anyway, you site identified the insect as a Mole Cricket which thrilled me to death to just know what the little thing was. I have a picture of a moth I happened upon in yet another grocery store parking lot and I just wanted to be part of your wonderful site so I am sending the picture to you. Is this a species of the Polyphemus Moths that you have pictured on the site? Thanks so much for your time and I will walk around armed with a camera from now on since I now know about you guys!
Michelle in Suwanee, GA

Hi Michelle,
You sent such a wonderful letter, but sadly, we cannot open your photo attachment. Please try to resend it as a jpg attachment and not a bmp. Until we get the image, we are posting your letter on our fanmail page.

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