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Viceroy Maybe
I am having trouble identifying this butterfly. I think it is a Viceroy or a Queen but am unsure. I think I have ruled out that it is a Monarch. The red thorax would suggest it is a Queen – Danaus glippus but I really don’t know. Can you help ?

Queen Viceroy

Hi Mark,
The image you sent today is of a Queen, and the image yesterday was a Viceroy. In Florida, many Viceroys mimic Queens instead of Monarchs. The distinguishing feature of a Viceroy is the narrow black band through the center of the hind wing.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

2 Responses to Queen and earlier, a Viceroy

  1. Melba Walding says:

    I found a bug or an insect in my house
    It is a cross between a flea, a cricket, and a wasp without wings. It is black and as hard as a rock to kill
    I have kept the remains for proper identification

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