what’s that bug
Hi there!
Can you help me identify this bug… looks like a dragonfly, and I’ve never seen one with clear wings before…

There are even species of Dragonflies with clearer wings than your Jagged-Edged Saddlebag which have broad black saddle shaped marks on the hind wings. This species is easily identified by those markings and the two yellow spots on the abdomen.

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  1. dflyiowa says:

    Jagged-edged saddlebag?? How about black saddlebag, Tramea lacerata. Problem with common names rather than using scientific.

  2. Scarlett Bugeye says:

    I have been wondering whether the bug I found is a wasp or a fly because it is around 4 cm long and has fly like eyes but is completely black?!? I found it outside and I’m living in Hillarys WA Australia. Plz reply!

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