Florida Love bugs
Found your site and love it. Great pictures and information! I noticed that you do not have pictures of the Florida Love bug. I am sending you one of a male and one of the male and female in the way they are found most often. If I am able to get one of the female alone I will send that also but so far I have not found one. They are just now coming into season, October and May I think are the times they fly and make a real nuisance of themselves.
Yvonne Griffiths
Morriston, Florida

Thank You Yvonne,
We just love getting new species and new additions to our Love Among the Bugs page. How appropo that these flies are called Lovebugs. Plecia nearctica belongs to the Family Bibionidae. They are often hazardous to motorists because of their sheer numbers on roadways. Here is an excellent site with much information.

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