Banana Spider Family
Hi Bugman,
I like your site. It answered a couple of what kind is that spider questions for me that I was unable to find out anywhere else. I live in Jacksonville FL. These banana spiders really liked the bug traffic my front porch light drew in the fall last year and it was great to have them there for the trick or treaters on Halloween. I ended up having to move them however because some of my houseguests would literally freak out and refuse to walk under them. Alas after moving them to a nearby bush they were around for only about a week longer and disappeared. I have seen a lot of brown widows, black widows, orb weavers and a few brown recluses in and around my home. Thanks for an interesting and informative website.
Jim A.

Hi Jim,
What a great photograph. The diminutive spider on the right is the much smaller male Banana Spider or Golden Silk Spider. The tiny males live on the periphery of the much larger female’s web. The female on the left appears to not have a mate.

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