My mother found this handsome catapillar while picking huckleberries in North Idaho. There is a huckleberry in the photo for scale. We would love to know what it is!
Thank you!

Hi Natalie,
We tried unsuccessfully to identify this awesome caterpillar and Eric Eaton couldn’t help us either. Then today, 21 September, we received the following email from him: “Remember that weird caterpillar with the spatulate tentacles coming out of it? I think I have an ID. I was looking through Portfolio, the software that we are storing our field guide images on, and came up with this: Acronicta funeralis. It is a Noctuidae moth larva known as the Paddle Caterpillar, appropriately enough:-) Eric ” Then we did additional web searching and found it on a new website, at least for us, The USGS site Caterpillars of the Pacific Northwest Forests and Woodlands.

Location: Idaho

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