Golden Silk Spider?
Hi from Georgia, and thanks for the site! We’ve recently stopped using chemical pesticides around the house, and we’ve seen a proliferation of lots of unusual characters, most of whom are harmless and interesting, and your site has been very helpful. Just this morning as I was taking a look at our power meter, I almost ran into this magnificent but scary creature, who has built a huge web outside the garage overnight. He’s 2 1/2-3 inches long and seems quite content even as I took his picture; however, I wouldn’t really want to have a closer encounter with him. From your site, I’m pretty sure he’s a Golden Silk Spider, but he is quite large so thought I’d confirm. Should he be relocated? I also just thought you might want to take a look at him…don’t know if he’s common for this time of year, and he is an especially good looking fellow in my estimation.

Hi Judy,
Yes, SHE is very attractive. Your Golden Silk Spider is also commonly called the Banana Spider, and the scientific name is Nephila clavipes. These are Southern spiders and autumn is the time they are maturing, growing to their adult size, and consequently attracting more attention. The female spider is often 100 times larger than her diminutive mate who usually lives on the periphery of her web. About 100 years ago there were experiments in using the silk of this spider, which is very strong, in textiles. It proved cost prohibitive.

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