Searched, but couldn’t find this one
I live in Fort Myers Beach, Florida and saw this bug holding on to the ceiling of my porch one morning. I wish I had better close up’s, but was hoping you could identify it for me.
Spencer Bruce

Hi Spencer,
We spent considerable time in books and online searching for your moth, one of the wasp mimics. We finally turned to Eric Eaton, and his answer is also very general: “It is an arctiid, but I don’t know which one. Pretty! Eric ” One day we hope to identify your lovely moth which might be a tropical species blown up by recent storms.
(09/08/2005) Eric Eaton came to the rescue: “Bugguide had a specimen of the same thing today, and it was identifed as: an adult of the spotted oleander caterpillar, Empyreuma affinis. There is a website on it from the IFAS (Florida agriculture something or other:-) Eric”

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  1. Justice says:

    I just found one also clinging to my porch ceiling in Daytona Beach FL

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