Probably so simple — what’s this caterpillar?
Hi, Bugman — it’s 2:08 a.m. and I’ve been looking through your website for a couple of hours. I really ought to be trying to get some sleep — I am a stay-at-home Dad of 19-month old twins — but the site is fascinating. When a question about a furry caterpillar’s identification came up at the playground today, I gave two people your web address. I have seen these caterpillars before but never photographed any until tonight. I didn’t see anything quite the same on your site, so I’d like your help. Any thoughts? My wife and I live in Arlington, Va, in case that’s helpful. Many thanks for a great site and lots of interesting photos and information.
Thanks again for hours of fun.
David Foose

Hi David,
If you only knew about the hours we spent on our site instead of sleeping. This appears to be a Sulphur Butterfly Caterpillar in the genus Colias. Caterpillars feed on clover, alfalfa and other legumes.

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