What’s that bug, of course!
Again, thanks for identifying our 5” spider.
I took a look at your Preying Mantis gallery and though you might like these. The pictures were taken with a snapshot digital camera, which kept me from focusing well on specific sections, such as the mantis’ head in the second pic. “Angel” was rescued from the parking lot at my work. I brought “Angel” home and the mantis couldn’t get enough of me. I’d put her (?) somewhere in the room and move away. Each time she’d follow me and climb up my clothes, often to the top of my head. She never acted threatened by my presence or actions. We brought her some crickets which she gladly dined on. 24 hours later my wife brought her outside with my daughter to await my arrival. As soon as I walked up, Angel immediately walked up my arm and climbed to the top of my head … and flew away. Up until then she hadn’t event attempted to fly. I followed her around the corner of the house only to witness her demise at the beak of a bird that spied her flying out in the open. L . Very interesting buggies!
Neil A. Bergman
Nashville , TN

Hi Neil,
Angel’s story is very sad, but we can’t really use that type of reasoning when it comes to nature. Nature isn’t cruel.

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