Silver Argiope

Who is this guy?? We saw this spider on a hike in San Diego County (near El Cajon) a couple of weeks ago. He was beautiful! Thanks for any leads, Kristin Hi Kristen, She is a Silver Argiope, Argiope argentata. This southern species is usually found head down in its orb web.

Megarhyssa macrurus

Giant Ichneumon I figured out what this was by checking your website. I thought you might enjoy these photos from my back yard in a northwestern suburb of Chicago. I have never seen anything like this species before and almost crawled out of my skin when I saw them crawling all over a dead elm … Read more

Beelike Tachinid Fly

One ugly fly I looked through your site but did not find this fly anywhere. What is it? It was found buzzing around in Point Lobos State Park, near Carmel, CA. Thanks, -matt Hi Matt, This is a new species for our site. It is a Beelike Tachinid Fly, Bombyliopsis abrupta. The adults drink nectar, … Read more

Unidentified Hemipteran Eggs

Challenge: Insect Eggs I found these eggs outside today on this little branch. They’re quite small, maybe 1/4 – 1/2 inch in height. I live in East Tennessee (in the valley) and was wondering if you know what they’ll hatch into. Caleb Wright Hi Caleb, Your letter came in around the time we had trouble … Read more

Forest Tent Caterpillar

What’s this teal caterpiller I thought I sent this to you back in June but could find no answer. Found in Detroit area in June. Looked everywhere for a picture of it to no avail. Any idea? Thanks, Chris Hi Chris, This is a Forest Tent Caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria. Although a gregarious feeder, this caterpillar … Read more

Devil's Coach Horse

Help ID’ing a bug Hi, can you help me identify the following very scary looking bug I found in my Seattle office? It raised its hind up like a scorpion to sting when it got scared (I’m speculating on its emotional state), and it appears to have a stinger, as well as some nice pincers? … Read more