Long Legged Fly attacked by Fungus

whats this bug? Hi, My husband and I live in central Florida. We have a few hot pepper plants, a couple days ago we noticed this little guy sitting on a leaf. Can you tell us what it is? Thanks a bunch, Kim Hi Kim, That fly will probably be sitting there for a long … Read more

Orange Striped Oakworm

Some bug pics for you to enjoy Hi Bugman, I have a new hobby. Ever since I found your website (it was in an Earthlink newsletter I received) I have felt the need to identify all unknown bugs that cross my path. I also inform all witnesses of said bugs as to what kind of … Read more

Masked Hunter

"Sandy" little bug I found this little guy in our office today next to my boots. I thought it was a piece of dirt and was about to brush it away when it moved! I live near Marquette, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) and have have never seen one like it up here before. An internet search … Read more

Predatory Stink Bug

Stink Bug? Hello, I was wondering if you could help me identify this little guy. I found him when I was mowing the lawn, having a snack of the caterpillars seen in the second image (Gypsy Moth?). He looked intriguing, so I knocked him off and took him up to the porch for a better … Read more