Praying Mantis mating
I took this picture two weeks ago in Port Elgin Ontario, I haven’t seen a better one on the internet, enjoy.
Sean J. Patrick Bates

Hi Sean,
We agree your photo is “Aces” and are proud to post it.

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2 Responses to Careful Mister, She's a Man Eater: Mating Preying Mantids

  1. ismart says:

    Mating pair of Mantis religiosa. European mantis.

  2. Reena Johnson says:

    It’s a myth. In the wild they get eaten only 5-31% of the time. Since the males jump off and fly away immediately after the mating’s over. In captivity, however, the males have nowhere to run and run into the female, so it happens all the time in captivity. However, in mantis religiosa, the head provides vitamins for the offspring and passes on the dad’s genes.

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