Hello, Thank you for all your hard work! My 6yr old Jenna and myself spend alot of time here, especially since we’ve moved back to "Buggy old Michigan" as Jenna says. Our question today is regarding this flying buggy that looks to me like a dragonfly with a scorpioin like tail that appears to have a stinger (created much controversy in our neighborhood of bugs to beware)??? We are very curious as the population of these guys is increasing this month. Thanks Again
Jenna and Shelly

Hi Jenna and Shelly,
The population explosion of the American Pelecinid might be a good thing. These non-stinging relatives of wasps use that long ovipositor to lay eggs underground in the burrows of beetle grubs. The grubs are parasitized. There might be a future population explosion of destructive June Beetles if you kill the Pelecinids. Pelecinids are totally harmless.

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  1. Luke says:

    We seen one of these in kemptville ontario canada never seen one around before.

  2. Jenna says:

    So this bug was flying around our house this morning and my mom and I decided to look it up and we found this page. Then I noticed the lady who asked the question about the bug was named Shelly and her daughters name was Jenna and ironically my name is Jenna and my moms name is Shelly! It was so funny finding the answer to our question like it was actually written to us! Lol thank you for the information!

  3. Kpj78 says:

    I just seen one a little while ago it was on it ground looked weird as he’ll but I grabbed little stick it let me stretch it’s tail out which it does looks like a stinger I checked it out for a couple of minutes I let be it’s a beautiful insect mane I came in the house went back outside on my phone and the same little insect landed on me. It has good energy about it..

  4. Noralie says:

    They do sting..my daughter just got stung a few minutes ago. Not fun

  5. Skye says:

    I have a Light greenish/light yellow version. It has butterfly wings, (fairly small on each sholder) There are 2 wings.and it had 3 stingers and 3 eyes inbetween its eyes. If you can´t figure it out, ill send it to a lab.

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