"Sandy" little bug
I found this little guy in our office today next to my boots. I thought it was a piece of dirt and was about to brush it away when it moved! I live near Marquette, Michigan (Upper Peninsula) and have have never seen one like it up here before. An internet search turned up nothing so I thought maybe you could enlighten me as to its name/origin/why I never saw one before. It appears to be covered in dust/fine sand and if it was actually sitting in sand, I doubt anybody would give him a second glance. An odd characteristic (other than appearing to need a bath), is that his abdomen is flat, not rounded. Thanks for any information you can provide.

Hi Creig,
The Masked Hunter, Reduvius personatus, is a species of Assassin Bug that hunts Bedbugs. The immature insect is covered with a viscid substance which causes particles of dust and fibers to adhere to it, masking the entire insect.>

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