Big Moth in Tucson
HI there Bugman,
My neighbor and I have seen a really big moth on our houses. The moth measures approximately 3 x 6 inches, maybe bigger. It looks something like the Waved Sphinx on your web site. I wonder if you know what type of moth this is, what it eats and how will I identify it what it’s a caterpillar? Here a picture of it:
Thanks In Advance.
Phil Mortello

Hi Phil,
This is a Black Witch, Ascalapha odorata. It is a tropical and subtropical species that feeds on trees in the pea family like acacia. It is a Central American species that migrates north in the fall, but for unknown reasons as it cannot reproduce in a cold climate. These owlet moths can fly great distances, and they are even reported from Canada. Yours is the most detailed image we have received of this species.

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