Gray hoards win squash
Hi Bug Man!
My first crop of spaghetti squash has yielded one small prize, and look who got it first. I didn’t find anything similar on the site. Know these guys?
Kelly B., Grafton, Massachusetts

Hi Kelly,
These are immature Squash Bugs, Anasa tristis. How surprising is that? I found a site with more information.

Thank you Daniel. Looks as though they are what killed the vine, too. Don’t think I’ll be eating that squash. Your site is saved under “favorites,” and my five-year-old son and I visit often. What a fun way to learn! We usually find what we’re looking for just by looking through the excellent photos — like the dobson fly, the hummingbird moth, and that freaky burying beetle that scared me half to death last year when I saw an obviously dead bird writhing and flopping about at my front door. My nickname for that bug is the re-animator beetle! Thank you for a wealth of information. -Kelly B.

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