butterfly lovin’
Hi Bug Man,
I sent you a query about tiny, tiny thorn-headed larvae the other day and have since been mesmerized by your site. The larva I had chosen for a photo shoot has since desiccated beyond recognition on a napkin (sorry, little guy), but I thought, in the meantime, I’d send a butterfly picture I took last winter, at a butterfly garden. Is this cheating in the world of whatsthatbug.com? Anyway, I remember they were in this position for a long time, at least ten minutes, and it looked painfully snug. But hope you like the photo. What kind of butterflies are they? And does the male or female have more color? Male, right? Yours

Hi Allison,
These are tropical butterflies, and we can’t give you a positive identification. They are either some tropical Swallowtail, or a close relative, one of the Birdwings. You are correct. The male is more colorful.

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