promethea moth, callosamia promethea?
These guys, about 2+ inches long and maybe as much as 1/2 inch in diameter, are eating our lilacs in southern Maine. Searching for “red spikes” “yellow horn” found only somebody else with the same question! Based on your site I went back to check Caterpillars of Eastern Forests again, this time finding the photographs. Pix at johncodygallery seem to confirm it. I guess you can’t tell the sex of the adult moth from the caterpillar? Or do they always go in pairs? Anyway I thought you might like a pic of these guys since I didn’t find one here already. Thanks – sounds like you just love doing this – lucky for the rest of us! (I do hope no new photos with 2005 dates mean it’s still early in the season, not that you’ve stopped – )
Debbie JKM

Hi Debbie,
We presume your websearch led you to our first Caterpillar page. We have a second as well with recent postings. You should also check out our homepage. Yes, this is a Prometheus Caterpillar. We don’t know how to tell the sex of the immature insect. Thanks for adding to our archive.

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