praying mantis
My name is Mary I live in lexington Ky. I recently found what i think is a new species of pray mantis. He is disguised as a wasp. He has the upper torso of a normal mantid, but he has the lower abdomen of a wasp, wings identical to a wasp and four wasp legs. He can fly but only short distances. I e-mailed you once before but had no response so i thought i would try again. Please help me out. Has this ever been reported or seen before.
thank you
ps: Here is a picture of who we call "Wobby"

Hi Mary,
Wobby is a Brown Mantidfly, Climaciella brunnea. Mantidflies, also known as Mantispids, resemble true mantises but are actually Neuropterans. Evolution has led them on a similar path, and they hunt in a similar manner, using their formidable front legs to grasp onto prey. They are relatively common in the South.

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