He fell from the tree
Hi There!
This amazing Hickory Horned Devil Caterpillar fell from a tree onto our Brick steps yesterday. Before we actually knew what he was, he appeared quite vicious when probed, but after looking for him on the internet using the words HORNED and CATERPILLAR to search, we knew we had found our bug. Our daughter is facinated with him and so we kept him overnight, making a terrarium in a large bowl for him. He burrowed into the soil last night and she is now very sad. Our question to you is….while we captured him in a jar, he excreted a fairly large amount of brown liquid. Was this natural (excrement) or was this a neccessary fluid for pupation? We are worried that it may have been hurt during the fall. He fell a good bit of the way from the tree above, and like I said, onto BRICK. We don’t know if he is hurt or just pupating. Please help if you can. Thank You.
Beaufort, SC

Hi Lynn,
Hickory Horned Devils are rarely noticed until they drop from the trees to bury themselves underground where they pupate.

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