Revision: Rare metamorphosis or rare insect, maybe
Please ignore my previous message sent last night. In my excitement, I looked through your great Web site, and upon further investigation tonight, saw that it is identified: "Your moth is a member of the Hawkmoth Family Sphingidae known as the Rustic Sphinx, Manduca rustica." << The first four pictures were taken within 14 minutes of each other around sunset in Tucson, Arizona. The bug was on my home’s doorstep. I see by looking on your Web site that it is a Rustic Sphinx moth, Manduca rustica. It didn’t seem able to move, and "posed" for my flash photography. I thought the unfolding of this newly metamorphosed moth’s wings was amazing. I have never seen this bug before, and neither have a few other long-time residents I asked. The last photo shows the handsome bug two hours later, still in exactly the same spot, almost ready to fly. Ta-dah! It took to the air a few minutes later.

Hi Pamela,
Nice bit of sleuthing. We are thrilled to have your Rustic Sphinx metamorphosis images.

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